About us

Mrs. Wararat Orattanachai

(Executive Chairman)
MKK (THAILAND) CO.,LTD. Is a manufacturer and distributor of ready-made women's clothing for over 35 years. By Khun Wararat Orattanachai (President) Who intend to produce boutique clothing. Good quality. Elaborate every step of sewing with more than 100 skilled craftsmen. Selecting fine fabrics from foreign countries. To create good quality work. Delivered to the hands of all Thais. Attention.

Miss. Chompoo Orattanachai

(Managing Director)
MKK (THAILAND)CO.,LTD. Founded in 1982, With inspiration that loves to dress to look good and reliable. And emphasizing that clothing is one of the 4 factors. Important human. And will be able to continue expanding In the beginning, it started by producing and selling boutique clothes under the name MIKIKO. In leading department stores nationwide. And later, with many other brands, VeroniQa, Amila and Aaliyah. To meet the needs of ladies, from teenagers to teenagers, successful in life. Every piece of clothing of the company. It is like having a magic, if anyone has tried to wear it, then can feel the perfect combination of patterns and elaborate sewing.